Indonesia SHERE KAHN


SCA Score 84.25+

Grown on the exotic island of Sumatra in Indonesia, this coffee seduces with its rich, earthy flavors. Sumatran coffees are renowned for their deep aromas of cedar, spices and tobacco, creating a unique sensory experience. Their rich, full-bodied body is balanced by gentle acidity, delivering a complex and unforgettable cup. Each sip transports you to the heart of the tropical forests of Sumatra, where these beans are carefully cultivated. Tasting Sumatran coffee is like traveling to a world of exceptional coffee flavors and traditions.

Certified organic farming

Roasting for ALL METHODS
Producer: Cooperative Ketiara
Tasting note: Wild, Vanilla, Woody/Syruppy and Round
Roasting: Balanced
Variety: Catimor, Typica

Altitude: 1200 - 1500m

Process: Wet Hulled

The island of Sumatra

Aceh terroirs

The coffee terroir in Aceh, Indonesia, is exceptional. This region
benefits from a unique microclimate thanks to its geographical location
between the mountains and the sea. Coffee trees grow at altitudes
high, which gives the coffee a lively acidity and distinct aromas.
Rich, volcanic soils add depth of flavor, while
that the surrounding biodiversity contributes to the complexity of the profiles
of coffee. Aceh is also famous for its organic coffee, grown
with sustainable practices, making it a region of choice for
discerning coffee lovers.



Ketiara, made up of 90% women, brings together more than 900 young
producers, owning on average 0.5 ha each. Shere Khan comes from 8 neighboring villages located between 1200 and 1500 meters above sea level in Aceh Tengah. Harvests take place from September to November and from March to April. All coffees from this cooperative are 100% traceable and
come exclusively from certified organic farms. These plantations, located in an area of ​​mountains and tropical forests, allow coffee trees to grow in the shade of avocado trees or
orange trees. This producer café takes its name from the famous tiger who
people the island of Sumatra.

Your frequently asked questions

What is the wet hulling process?

Wet-hulled coffee is a distinct processing method that gives coffee a unique identity. Originating in Indonesia, particularly Sumatra, this method involves removing the outer pulp of the coffee before drying, unlike the traditional washing process. The coffee beans are pulped and then left to partially dry, retaining some of their moisture. This creates a bold flavor, marked by earthy notes and aromas of leather, tobacco and spices. The body of the coffee is full-bodied, with subtle acidity, providing a complex and memorable cup. Pulped coffee is emblematic of Indonesia's specialty coffees, capturing the essence of its region of origin in an exceptional way.

What is a score?

The Specialty Coffee Association of America, created by Erna Knutsen, defines a rating grid* (The Green Arabica Coffee Classification System (GACCS)) consisting of physical and sensory criteria to assess the quality of a coffee.

The SCA score is based on a tasting scale that rates different aspects of coffee, such as aroma, taste, acidity, body and aftertaste (aftertaste). Each aspect is scored individually and then an overall score is given to the coffee.

The SCA scoring system ranges from 0 to 100, where a coffee gets a higher score if it exhibits higher quality characteristics. Specialty coffees, which are considered the highest quality coffees, typically have an SCA score of 80 or higher.

On a scale of 100 points, a coffee is said to be "specialty" if it obtains a score of at least 80:

+ 88 Grand Cru coffees

+85 Exceptional coffee

+80 Very good specialty coffee

A specialty coffee therefore meets three minimum requirements:

  • Hand picking of ripe beans only.
  • Rating 80 or more/100
  • No major defects and less than 5 minor defects.
What does a balanced roast level imply?

A balanced roast degree means that the coffee beans have
been roasted so as to reach a point where the aromas and
flavors are harmoniously developed, without any aspect dominating
excessively. This creates a coffee with a balance between acidity,
sweetness and bitterness, thus providing a pleasant taste experience
and balanced.