barista at home


Training time: 4 hours (morning)

An at-home Barista course is an exquisite journey into the art of brewing café-quality drinks in the comfort of your own space. This refined program explores the secrets of espresso extraction, milk froth and latte art, ensuring you master the techniques of a professional barista. With careful attention to bean selection, grind precision, and equipment mastery, this course elevates your at-home coffee experience to a level of sophistication and indulgence rivaling your favorite coffee shop. Explore the world of flavors, aromas and extraction methods, all from the comfort of your kitchen, and enjoy the pleasure of becoming your own home barista virtuoso.

Dates Available


Your frequently asked questions

What are the next dates available for training?

We are in the process of organizing our next course schedule to welcome you and offer you the most profound and enriching experience possible!

How can I register?

As soon as our course schedule is finalized and published, you will be able to
either contact us directly or buy your tickets here in our
Online Store.

What does each course consist of?

Each course will cover different topics and vary in complexity. It all depends on the course that piques your interest. For a more in-depth explanation or more information, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.